Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Housewives After Dark... Part 1...

Recently, I had an offer to colaborate with a close friend on a literary project titled "Housewifes After Dark".

The basic premise, was to examine the secret lives of women with families that participate in extramarital activity when the kiddos and hubby are put bed. Not a cautionary tale of the dangers in this, but rather a glorification of the lifestyle, totting it as essential to balance in life.

I wish that I could tell you that my immediate response was to say, "absolutely not! Girl we cannot speak death into the lives of sanctity and wholeness of marriage!"

Sadly, that is not what happened. I said none of these things.

I didn't speak that truth because the idea, didn't immediately convict me.

No, conversely...I was intrigued. This friend and I, we practiced this way of dealing with the life as "no stones allowed", meaning that we lived by "to each his own..." and never passed judgement on others lifestyles, or our own. Live in the momemt...

Anytime we acted in self indulgent behavior, we excused one another, cosigned and sometimes co piloted self destructive behavior.

If ever approached by anyone else about wrong doing ,there was an unspoken way to deal with them. Flip it back... to them. They are the one with the problem. They are the hypocrites that want to control others with their self righteous indignation. Hurt others before they hurt you. Don't own mistakes, for who are they to judge us???
"God is love, and He made me who I am...right girl?"
"Amen, chic, I mean He knows my heart, right!"

As with everything, this lifestyle came full circle. The enemy of God has one mission: to destoy Gods plan for our lives.

Then last year as some of you know, I came to know Christ. I was super on fire... and puffed up, still on milk trying to feed others prematurely what had not even fully manifested in my own walk...

I was impatient and naive, took the freedom He granted me as MY OWN triump, and not a testament to His amazing and miraculous ability to heal...

That was when it got sticky.

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