Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Loren told a lie today! Omg!

He has this habit of taking big drinks of milk and spitting it out making little puddles of toddler wonder. Today, it was the ecru sofa. I saw the evidence...slowly soiling the stain resistant microfiber.
"Lolo did u spit?"
"no, mommy. Chloe spit!" he points across the room to the sleeping puppy, or as Loren coined her, our six month old cat-dog.
Is it possible, that he knows that his behavior warrants punishment? Surely not my sweet baby boy!
Is it even in my thought process that he, golden miracle baby, has told his first whopper?

No. He's only two. Kameron didn't lie until he was at least four. My angel is incapable of flaw!

"Loren.... Did u spit?"

He showed his little teeth.

"noooo! Mommie spit!!! Hahaha!!! No Daddy spit!!!!"



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