Monday, August 16, 2010


I hope that those who are reading this, who are called out as saints...those who share a passion for our Lord Jesus Christ...

...receive this with all the love, and all the frustration, that is truly behind this post.

Have you heard the buzz?

We are in the "season"...of our Lord returning...the "last days" they keep telling me. "Oh", they say, "the signs are everywhere!"

My Face Book news feed is riddled with excepts from my friends video submissions:
"Jay-Z is an Illuminati puppet"
"The Signs point to an end within the next 20 years.."
"Kayne West says he sold his sold to the devil..."

Wow. This is some real life apocalyptic, Satan worshipping, hip hopping, conspiracy theory, made for TV... drama!

Who knew serving the Lord could be so worldly fascinating?

Okay I admit...

I was drawn in to. Watching video upon video of the different "satanic undertones in Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Jay Z videos. Watching ministers who devoted their entire ministry to exposing these "corruptors" feed death into the lives of your generation.

The amount of information out there is more than compelling. I completely admit it literally freaked me out.


Because my heart was already pondered by the Holy Spirit.

Had you shown me this video a year ago...not so much.

No amount of symbolism would have kept me from bobbing my head to Beyonce if the song moved me.

Which brings me to my next point:
No shock motivated conspiracy video will speak the Word of God better than...

Want to show the contrast of true Good (those who live a Christ like Holy life) and true Evil (self promoting, pride filled serving oneself as gods?)


When I finally gave my life to Christ, it was through someone else's example of love...she never had to show me what was wrong with the world...only what was RIGHT in Christ.

She didn't sit me down and force feed Illuminati videos on me, or shake a finger at my heavy application of lip gloss...

She simply, quietly...spoke the Word of God in her actions...which led me to ask her what had changed...which led her to witness the miraculous testimony that was her new walk with Christ.

Don't discredit our God, that His word alone cannot sustain you. The more time we spend dissecting these videos or trying to predict the hour of Christ's return...

the less time we can apply His whole armour, the study and application of His Word, the less we are using the Divine Discernment of the Holy Spirit, the less we are using effective Praise...

so again, the enemy of God is confusing us, constantly distracting us from God's intended purpose for us.

Are you afraid...
that without the ability to focus on Him and not the world...
that you will be bored?

Is the constant need to "discredit" these secular artists just another way to still be influenced by them?

Make no mistake: THEY are NOT studying US. They are honing their crafts...gaining momentum...and the more attention we pay to it, the more it fuels the beast.

Don't you think that God knew this time was coming? If he thought it important to build whole ministries around attacking the music or film industry HE would have instructed us to do so specifically.

Instead, He left us with TIMELESS and PERFECT instruction. The more we feed ourselves with HIS HOLY WORD the less you will even WANT to hear things that don't glorify Him. He is greater than a ten minute YouTube video. His Word feeds us and prayer quenches our thirst. It is all we need to know right from wrong.

Some of us...need to stop worrying about trying to predict the hour God is returning... and which secular artist is New World Order or Illuminati... and get back to the SOURCE, the Holy Written WORD of GOD. He left us with all the instruction we need... and its infallible. We can barely keep the commandments that HE gave, let alone all these added theories. So please, don't make it even harder, by adding your own truths. Your doing too much love.

K.I.S.S....Keep it Simple Saints...

Much love!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Prototype.

He's tall...
but not so tall me makes me short...
and less like a supermodel standing next to him.

To him "the love that consumes"
has but one meaning. God.

He doesn't mistake my lack of slang...
for a lack of swagger.

He can completely ignore me while watching Sports Center...
...but never forgets to make me feel like the only girl in the room when the game goes off.

He won't expect me to make him my WORLD,
...nor will he campaign to be the center of mine.

He hates my favorite football team...
...just so we have a reason to fight.

He eats responsibly,
...but isn't mad when he finds my secret stash of captain crunch...
...He knows to buy his own box. :-)

He sees through girls who claim to "love" porn. Girl stop! Lol

He works out...
...but he isn't so rock hard, that I can't make his beer belly my makeshift pillow.

He loves sports, and this is a MUST.
I believe it's a fact: that men who appreciate winning, also appreciate a prize of a woman when they see one. Believe.

He will watch romantic dramas with me...
and pretend he didn't already have to watch "The Notebook" with his last girlfriend.

He only compares me to OTHER women...
to tell me how they'll NEVER compare.

He cooks.
...probably better than me
...but will never admit it.

He'll let me spoil him, and never take it for granted...
...cause he KNOWS how lucky he is to have my undivided attention.

He brags to all his friends how he's dating "the coolest chic in the world. If I weren't dating her she'd be my best friend."

He doesn't have to LOVE pro wrestling...but he can never call it "fake" when I'm in ear range.

He won't tell me how much he hates girls who wear make up,
then oggle over an airbrushed picture of Kim Kardashian.

In fact, he won't ever tell me what he doesn't like.
...if it makes me feel good, he loves it.

He knows it takes Pinky AND the Brain to take over the world...
...He knows that in the relationship, I'm the Brain though.

He only plays xbox with his kids.
He watches hours of espn...
but never, I repeat never...
plays video games with other grown men.

Unless it's wii sports and I can play first. :-)

He won't forget how beautiful he thought I was in the beginning...
...before the novelty wore off... always wears off.

... he won't base he interest in me on astetics alone,
... he intends to love me even once it all falls down.

He is a dreamer like me.

High school is not the highlight of his life...
I will NEVER marry Al Bundy.

He has great style,
but never tries too hard.

He never grabs the back fat roll under my bra strap...
and never holds my love handles... Unless I tell him too.

He doesn't try to justify R.Kelly ever being in my iPod...ever.

If he has kids...
...he never refers to thier mother as his "bm" or any variation of the term baby momma.

He reads.
...not so much that he tries to over analysize everything.

He doesn't think dinner and a movie is too much to ask.
...Even in the middle of a work day.

He knows I'm a pain in the neck...
...but that I'll always massage it out if he really deserves it.

When I get an attitude he stops entertaining me till I get my mind right...
...But he won't forget to get right back.

He knows he'll never "get me" but...
...he will enjoy every second of trying.

He won't get mad if I ask him what he's thinking about.
When he says "nothing"...
He STILL won't get mad when I ask him:
" can you not be thinking about ANYTHING!?"

He won't expect to get the best of me...
...he understands I've yet to discover it.

If you think I'm asking for too much then you underestimate my patience.
I've already spent a lifetime settling for less.

Because it has to be....

I am a sucker for those Disney princesses.

But I mean... Really?

What do u do when the 'after' in 'happily ever after' comes?

When your prince comes... But, then he goes?

What is next?

I know...I always have the answers... Right?

But not this time.

I have no clue how to convince my brain...that my heart will heal again.

But I know this:

I am worth waiting for all the fairy tale ideas I have about love. I am worth waiting until my mind, body and spirit are prepared to meet my real soulmate.

I believe that when my soul heals, the broken prices will fit back together again. Maybe they will be abit jagged, and maybe
even some of the fractures are beyond repair. And thats okay.

I believe that God gave me a real big heart, and that he intends to keep taking away the things and people...who rent space in my being, but pay their rent late every month. He said that they have to be evicted... Whether I like it or not.

So I will wait for it to heal. And I won't fill the space with bad tenants, the kind that come in and make a bigger mess... Tear up your things, then still leave you with a bad debt. I'd rather have an empty room then to fill it with unworthy occupants ;-).

I will believe and trust that this is the way out of the dark, once and for all.

Because it has to be.