Sunday, August 15, 2010

Because it has to be....

I am a sucker for those Disney princesses.

But I mean... Really?

What do u do when the 'after' in 'happily ever after' comes?

When your prince comes... But, then he goes?

What is next?

I know...I always have the answers... Right?

But not this time.

I have no clue how to convince my brain...that my heart will heal again.

But I know this:

I am worth waiting for all the fairy tale ideas I have about love. I am worth waiting until my mind, body and spirit are prepared to meet my real soulmate.

I believe that when my soul heals, the broken prices will fit back together again. Maybe they will be abit jagged, and maybe
even some of the fractures are beyond repair. And thats okay.

I believe that God gave me a real big heart, and that he intends to keep taking away the things and people...who rent space in my being, but pay their rent late every month. He said that they have to be evicted... Whether I like it or not.

So I will wait for it to heal. And I won't fill the space with bad tenants, the kind that come in and make a bigger mess... Tear up your things, then still leave you with a bad debt. I'd rather have an empty room then to fill it with unworthy occupants ;-).

I will believe and trust that this is the way out of the dark, once and for all.

Because it has to be.

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