Thursday, October 15, 2009

Facebook Fast Day 3 Lesson: Abundance

There is so much going on at one time my head is literally spinning...

lets see...where to start...

Loren is potty 2 of new JOB... day 3 of facebook fast... day seven of love dare, day 1 of p90x... still scouting a perfect daycare for my potty training naked baby... making sure I attend Bible Study and Sunday Worship... writing...booked a wedding; cook dinner, clean house, prioritize mommy and daddy bonding time...

There are more blessings. So many I find my day filled with amusement at how wonderful He is...

Even though my day starts at 4 am and ends after midnight...I am so grateful. I know that this is conditioning for the marathon I am about to start. (Literally, I am going to do a Sickle Cell cycling marathon this Spring.) AND figuratively; how can I complain and get tired now; with Clark in the Spring and sometime soon...a book tour? :-) (He did say speak that as if it were... did He not?)

I am so blessed to say I have a full days work to do. When 4am comes creeping around my clock in a few hours...I will remember the feeling of GRATITUDE when I got the offer letter for my new job....I will remember that my bonding time with meathead should be cherished when I get cranky because I am too tired... and when I want to quit..thoughts will go to how happy I will be when Naked Loren soon gets onto potty... and out of my carpet. :)

Oh ...and a word on FB:

I have also realized that it is not facebook that I miss. I miss talking to the same five people who read my ridiculously long blogs and comment on them, encouraging me...(I bet I can put a million dollars on the people who are actually reading these things, and I bet another million out of 215 friends or so... you can take away 210....


This is what I miss...My friends. I don't miss facebook... I miss...FACES. I don't miss social networking... I miss being around my true friends- and that's what I gained from seeing the little box with a familiar face and funny random thoughts... pieces of their days...what their kids said to make them laugh and what the dog did to make them smile...

I miss my friends... I know they are one of the many blessings that God has sent to me.

Today I learned that quality is always better than quantity. When The Lord sends your blessings, be ready to hold out a large bucket for the downpour.

I have an abundance of blessings.


  1. Yay! I knew you'd get that job. I'm so happy for you. Give me a call when you get the chance!

    Talk to you soon!

  2. Thanks girl! And I miss you more! My phone is grounded...but I will call you asap.
    Love ya!

  3. I love the part where you say that you miss your friends, not facebook. That is so true. I would love to spend more time with friends in person and not just seeing a pic. Reading these blogs are really starting to inspire me. I have some life changing decesions to make and your words I believe will help.
    thank youu!